7 Key Questions

Seniors cropped

Thank you to SPARC BC, we are able to add a new section to the 2015 update. SPARC BC has kindly agreed to ask the 5 volunteer centres 7 key questions about their thoughts on changes during the past 5 years in 7 key areas. Here are the questions and their insights. Click on each question to see what each volunteer centre thinks about the issue.

Question 1:

What has changed since 2009 in your relationships with your community, funders, other non-profits, and government (at all levels)?

Question 2:

 What do you think is unique about your community and/or situation as compared to others?

How is your organization adapting to (or coping with) it?

Question 3:

What does your non-profit gain or hope to gain from participating in a regional, provincial or national non-profit network?

Has this expectation changed over the last 5 years? If so, how?

Question 4:

Has your fund raising (resource development) strategy and your funders strategy changed over the last five years?

Question 5:

Have the demographics of your community changes and are these changes reflected in your organization and its programs and services? If so, how?

Question 6:

Does your community have a “Community Foundation” and what relationship does your organization have or wish to have with it?

Question 7:

What is your organization’s relationship with local aboriginal or first nation’s organizations and has this changed over the last five years?