Question 4

Has your fund raising (resource development) strategy and your funders strategy changed over the last five years?

Volunteer Campbell River

Funding has changed (gaming grant) Other funders require more details: referal letters, detailed budgets than before.Taking a step back from smaller fundraisers (e.g. craft making to sell), looking for more substantial fundraisers.

Volunteer Kootenays

Not directly. We’re always looking for fundraising opportunities. We have a very small budget that  supports our programs. We try to fundraise to benefit all programs. Aging in place is very important for seniors now, but they don’t have the resources to support this. They feel pressure and may not get staff help, so they ask the volunteers for support.

VPG Small

The nature of non-profits is that we are always searching for new sources of funding, BC  Gaming used to the do 3 year planning and that was excellent, but it no longer being done.

VRIS Small-1

No change. We are staying proactive because nothing is stable. Always aim to plan long term and have a plan B in place. We just have to be flexible and find different opportunities and read between the lines when exploring new funding/services to see what we’re elegible for.

VP Small

Traditional sources have been declining (e.g. United Way is declining). Some corporate relationships shifted the 2008-09 recession have not come back. We have shifted away from events based fundraising towards increasing our earned revenue. We are seeing the beginnings of new relationship with organizations that are interested in capacity building and working in a more strategic way.

Question 1:

Relationship with your community, funders, non-profit and government.

Question 2:

What is unique about your community / situation?

Question 3:

What do you hope to gain from participating in a regional, provincial or national non-profit network?

Question 4:

Have your fundraising strategy changed?

Question 5:

Have the demographics of your community changed, how are changes reflected in your services?

Question 6:

Does your community has a community foundation?

Question 7:

What is your organization’s relationship with local aboriginal or first nation’s organizations?