Question 5

Have the demographics of your community changes and are these changes reflected in your organization and its programs and services? If so, how?

Volunteer Campbell River

Funding has changed (gaming grant) Other funders require more details: referal letters, detailed budgets than before.Taking a step back from smaller fundraisers (e.g. craft making to sell), looking for more substantial fundraisers.

Volunteer Kootenays

For demographics, they are older. The volunteers have always been older. The phone check in system is an improvement. We had a friendly visitors program, but seniors were concerned about cleaning and having a presentable home, so they actually prefer 10 min phone calls (less stressful). Now volunteers can check in with 4-5 seniors in a morning instead of having one in house visit.

VPG Small

There have not been big changes. Our median age has gone from 37 to 39. Economically we are doing better now. There are lots of things happening now such as mining and other projects.  Employees bring families which bring volunteers. It all helps to enhance what is happening.

VRIS Small-1

No. Demographics pretty much the same.

VP Small

Please see our answer for Question 1.

Question 1:

Relationship with your community, funders, non-profit and government.

Question 2:

What is unique about your community / situation?

Question 3:

What do you hope to gain from participating in a regional, provincial or national non-profit network?

Question 4:

Have your fundraising strategy changed?

Question 5:

Have the demographics of your community changed, how are changes reflected in your services?

Question 6:

Does your community has a community foundation?

Question 7:

What is your organization’s relationship with local aboriginal or first nation’s organizations?