Question 6

Does your community have a “Community Foundation” and what relationship does your organization have or wish to have with it?

Volunteer Campbell River

Yes, we have a Community Foundation and members with them. Good working relationships, receive some funding from them and provide workshops about board development, funding etc for past 5 years.

Volunteer Kootenays

No. We have community committes and figure out, as a group, how do we support community etc. We have quit a few granting organizations. There is a United Way in Cranbrook. We also have the Columbia Basin Trust. Regional District of the East Kootenays (RDEK) …. We apply for a grant from them every year and they give us money for our Christmas dinner. CBT can only give about 2/3 of the ask. We don’t rely on United Way or CBT to fund our volunteer programs. Our main funding is gaming grants and Interior Health. The United Way runs the Better at Home program. We refer volunteers to them.

VPG Small

Community Foundation is one of our member organizations.  We have not received funding from them.

VRIS Small-1

Yes, rich 10 year relationship with Richmond Foundation.

VP Small


[Note from editor: There is a community foundation in the City of Vancouver – the Vancouver Foundation.]

Question 1:

Relationship with your community, funders, non-profit and government.

Question 2:

What is unique about your community / situation?

Question 3:

What do you hope to gain from participating in a regional, provincial or national non-profit network?

Question 4:

Have your fundraising strategy changed?

Question 5:

Have the demographics of your community changed, how are changes reflected in your services?

Question 6:

Does your community has a community foundation?

Question 7:

What is your organization’s relationship with local aboriginal or first nation’s organizations?