Question 7

What is your organization’s relationship with local aboriginal or first nation’s organizations and has this changed over the last five years?

Volunteer Campbell River

We have 1-2 specific partners who are First Nation/Aboriginal organizations, several partners that serve Aboriginal clientele,  19 identified Aboriginal volunteers signed up in the past 6 months.

Volunteer Kootenays

We have positive relationships with (Ktunaxa) First Nation. We develop cultural plans and recruit volunteers with them. This has gotten stronger over the years.  We try to encourage cultural components in programs (blessing etc.) and with volunteers of other cultures, we try to link them with people of other organizations who share cultures (build their connections).

VPG Small

We have quite a number of member organizations who are Aboriginal. They are part of our network. There may be a few more organizations than there were 5 years ago.

VRIS Small-1

Not really. We have a small Aboriginal population. We have 1 partner that deals directly with  Aboriginal groups, otherwise services aren’t segregated.

VP Small

Reflect that we are a membership based organization and that we have a broad membership.

Question 1:

Relationship with your community, funders, non-profit and government.

Question 2:

What is unique about your community / situation?

Question 3:

What do you hope to gain from participating in a regional, provincial or national non-profit network?

Question 4:

Have your fundraising strategy changed?

Question 5:

Have the demographics of your community changed, how are changes reflected in your services?

Question 6:

Does your community has a community foundation?

Question 7:

What is your organization’s relationship with local aboriginal or first nation’s organizations?