Frequently Asked Questions
Volunteer Recruitment
I need volunteers? Where do I find volunteers?
Contact your local volunteer centre for local ideas about recruiting volunteers. Schools, colleges and universities often have volunteer posting boards. Free sites like Charity Village or Craigslist offer volunteer posting boards. Vantage Point operates, a paid posting board.
I need a board member.
Contact your local volunteer centre to assist you. Charity Village, LinkedIn, and BoardMatch offer free postings for Board Members. offers Board posting is you are a member of Vantage Point.
I am looking for youth volunteers.
Contact your local volunteer centre or high schools/post secondary institutions.
Volunteers with Disabilities – What assistance is offered?
Neil Squire Society offers the Technology@Work Program designed to support employment for people with disabilities in BC who are currently or just about to start working or volunteering.
Volunteer Opportunities
I want to volunteer? Where do I find positions?
Contact your local volunteer centre. Many centres have online postings. BC211 can help if you do not have a local volunteer centre. Schools, colleges and universities often have volunteer posting boards. GoVolunteer, Charity Village or Craigslist offer searchable online volunteer posting boards. Contact organizations you like directly to see if they have positions available.
I have large group of volunteers where can I volunteer?
Finding volunteer positions for a large group takes time to plan. Contact your local volunteer centre or non-profit organization well in advance so they can find the ideal role(s) for your group. You may wish to consider funding costs of staff time and materials incurred by the non-profit to ensure your work has the biggest possible impact on the cause with the least impact on the non-profit’s resources.
Risk Management
What type of screening? Where do I get info on the steps?
Volunteer Canada created The 2012 Edition of The Screening Handbook on behalf of Public Safety Canada. The handbook lays out the steps of screening and provides information and resources to support ongoing screening practices.
There are several products available. Co-operators and Under Our Wing offer Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance, Event Coverage and more.
Set-up a Volunteer Centre/Start a Non-Profit
I want to set-up a volunteer centre. Where do I start?
Contact Volunteer BC and we can offer guidance/resources. Go to our Volunteer Engagement Manual designed to take you through a step by step process in establishing a volunteer centre.
How do I set-up a Society in BC?

Check out the Canada Revenue Agency list of Canadian charities as a starting place to find out about other organizations and Charity Village’s – Starting an Non-Profit.

To incorporate a BC society go to BC Registry Services.

Board Governance
I need Board Governance advice. Can you help?

There are many resources you will find helpful – Imagine Canada’s – Board Governance Guide or Board Voice of BC – organization that connects board members from across the province and provides resources that assist in developing their boards.

Submit a speaker request and we can help you find a consultant/speaker on this topic.

Training/Speaker Request
Do you offer Training? Can you recommend a speaker for my event?
First step go to our Training Calendar for a list of workshops in BC. Looking for volunteer-sector related training or a speaker for your event – submit a speaker request form.
Volunteer Management Training
I want to take a course/be certified in Volunteer Management.

There are many options.

Volunteer Stats
Where do I find stats on volunteering in BC?
Go to our Resources Page for Volunteering in BC & Canada Statistics. Quick facts can also be found in our Press Room.
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