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2015 BC State of Volunteering Report Updates

We are updating the original BC State of Volunteering Report with new information, new data, and new updates from the five participating Volunteer Centres.

Read what Volunteer Centres are saying about changes in the past 5 years:


7 Key Questions Thank you to SPARC BC, we are able to add a new section to our 2015 update. SPARC BC has kindly agreed to ask the 5 volunteer centres 7 key questions about their thoughts on changes during the past 5 years in 7 key areas. Their insights will be published very soon – please watch this space!

Updates Summary The 2015 Report will also contain a summary of the Volunteer Updates, responses for the 7 key questions, as well as findings from other volunteer resources. If you have any information you think will help the volunteer sector and should be included in this summary, please contact us!

How do we compareHow does BC do in terms of volunteering as a province as compared to other provinces? You can also see a summary of the comparisons here.

What has Changed
In addition to the Report Summary, you can also find a summary of Volunteer Centres’ responses to the 7 Key Questions here. Click on the icon on the left, or click HERE to see a snap-shot of what has changed for the 5 Volunteer Centres during the past 5 years.

2008 Report & Volunteer Centres’ Stories

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