What does a membership do for you?

Keeps you connected to BC’s volunteer community

Gives you an opportunity to participate in learning events

Stay up to date on trends, policies and best practices that impact volunteer-driven organizations

Helps us be a stronger voice for volunteerism in BC

Anyone can join Volunteer BC. Whether you are an individual interested in learning more about volunteering or an organization that engages volunteers, a membership with Volunteer BC can support you.


Are you interested in learning more about what’s happening around volunteerism across BC? Do you want to gain valuable resources, attend events/training and network with like-minded individuals? Then an Individual Membership is perfect for you. Click here to see full list of benefits.

How do I get a free membership?

Volunteer Centres receive a free membership.

If you register/attend our Volunteer Futures Conference – you automatically receive a free membership for one year.

How do I know if I am a volunteer centre?

A registered organization whose mandate includes the local or provincial promotion of volunteerism and/or aiding in collecting and promoting various volunteer opportunities in its respective area. More information

I am a Volunteer Centre. What are the benefits for us?
1. Share information about your Volunteer Centre and find out what other Volunteer Centres are doing by becoming a Volunteer BC member. It’s free!
2. Encourage your local volunteers and organizations to submit pictures of volunteer and managers of volunteers in action in our National Volunteer Week Photo Contest!
3. You can apply for travel subsidies to our annual Volunteer Futures conference!


4. Receive our monthly Connector newsletter to stay informed about issues impacting volunteerism!
5. You can post your workshop on our training calendar!
6. You can participate and include your workshop in our Regional Training workshop series!