Report Summary

Volunteer Centres Updates Summary

Each of the 5 volunteer centres who participated in the 2008 BC State of Volunteering Report have provided an update to their original stories. You can read their updates by clicking on the badges on the right. Below are summaries of their updates.

Volunteer Campbell River

The local economy continues to rebuild from a loss of resource-based industries. But looking ahead, they are optimistic about the future. Since 2008, they have doubled their new volunteer numbers, and the most significant increase is in female volunteers. They also have significant increase in volunteers aged 19 to 54, and 55+. Seniors are not only needing help but also volunteering more to help other seniors.

Volunteer Kootenays

Since 2008, they have introduced a new program for seniors. Their continuing programs involving seniors have also grown and expanded to other municipalities. This is inline with the aging demographics that volunteer centres are seeing in the past 5 years.

VPG Small

The area has experience a small population growth and aging of their demographics. More significantly, the unemployment rate has decreased by nearly 50%, and Prince George was named #10 of best places to find a job in Canada. Prince George is flourishing. Using one’s skills and knowledge to help their community is the top motivator for volunteering in Prince George, and time and long commitment period being the biggest barrier.

VRIS Small-1

Since 2008, Richmond became a venue city for the 2010 Olympics. Volunteer number surged during the Olympics leaving a spirit of volunteering in the city. Population growth is highest in the group aged 55 to 64, and this has been the case since 2009. Amongst other changes, in mid-2013, VRIS was named Richmond’s Better at Home lead agency, helping seniors living in their own homes. VRIS also see technology as one main area of growth, providing more high-quality technology training through the past 5 years.

VP Small

Since our last report, Volunteer Vancouver has undergone changes to rebrand itself to become Vantage Point, focusing on “Knowledge philanthropists” – providing opportunities for professionals to share their specific skills with non-profits in need. Vantage Point continue to see non-profit struggling to create meaningful positions due to a lack of capacity (time and skills) to manage people (delegate, support and keep accountable). They see the future for non-profit basing their sustainability and success in strategically integrating an abundance of talented people – the abundant not-for-profit.

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