What training can I submit?

Volunteer BC reviews each submission and only posts educational activities/events related to volunteer management/engagement. We reserve the right to refuse training postings for any reason.

Can I submit my community event?

We do not post community events – i.e – Fun Runs, Fundraisers etc. Contact your local volunteer centre, Charity Village, Craigslist or other local posting boards to post your event.

Where can I post my Board Position?

We do not post volunteer board roles. Contact your local volunteer centre or organizations such as Charity Village, Vantage Point, LinkedIn, BoardMatch.

I don’t have a local volunteer centre – where can I post my volunteer position?

There are many options to post your position. High schools, post-secondary institutions, community centres, libraries, community tv channels often have volunteer posting boards. Check out Charity Village, Craiglist or Volinspire.

Where do I take a course/be certified in Volunteer Management?

There are many options.

Training Event Submission

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