Volunteer Campbell River Update

Volunteer Campbell River

The following is an update from the BC State of Volunteering Report 2009 – Campbell River.

Campbell River continues to be a small vibrant city with strong community spirit offering beautiful seaside views and an abundance of outdoor activities and friendly, giving people.

The local economy is rebuilding from a loss of resource based industries such as a mill closure and employment opportunities have been limited on the north island.  In looking ahead, Campbell Riverites are optimistic for the future of our community with upcoming projects such as a new hospital and five year BC Hydro project, both expected to start in 2014.

Volunteer Campbell River (VCR) works with volunteers and non-profit organizations that shape our community, offering support and training.  New programming since our last report includes the Community Hub, an on-line volunteer recruitment and referral software accessed through the VCR website.  To reflect the goals of the organization, the society took on the tag line above and updated its Mission and Vision in 2013.

Mission: To advance the quality of volunteerism and community engagement through leadership and training to individuals and non-profit organizations.

Vision: Working together to build strong and healthy communities through volunteerism.

In the chart below we show volunteer engagement statistics from 2008 and 2013 fiscal year ends (to March 31st), giving a five year comparison and the current State of Volunteering in Campbell River.

VOLUNTEERS 2012-2013
Year to Date
Year to Date
New Volunteers 966 432 +534
Previously Registered Volunteers 236 274 -38
Male 332 250 +82
Female 866 302 +564
Youth (13-18) 44 16 +28
Adult (19-54) 723 328 +395
Senior (55+) 416 88 +328
Referrals to Agencies 1260 798 +462
Requests from Agencies 107 98 + 9
Number of Member Agencies 103 100 +3

It should be noted that there have been some changes in the collection of data between 2008 and 2013, reflecting a more realistic accounting of volunteers in Campbell River and surrounding areas.